About Us

History in brief – Monitech Display Technology

Monitech was established in 1984 as a Division of the Monitor shop with the specific purpose of converting portable television sets to computer monitors to operate with Apple computers. The Monitor Shop was established earlier in 1979 as a small TV repair outlet.
During those early days Monitech very quickly became a vibrant sales manufacturing and repair company specialising in monitors. Monitech developed a service division for computer monitors, which has grown to become the benchmark for the Industry today.
Also during this period, Monitech undertook further expansion by becoming one of the largest distributors of NEC products in Victoria. In the 1990’s Monitech moved on to manufacturing specialised products for major projects for many of Australia’ s leading computer consultants and Companies.

Monitech Today

Monitech today is your Electronic Display Technology Specialist in Australia specialising in Technical Solutions for Electronic Display, Electronic Repairs and Service, Sales, Hire and IT Technical Support as outlined on the home page of this website.
Monitech is one of a worldwide leader of industrial monitor display solutions and touch screen monitors.

Now Monitech Display Technology Products are used in many industrial sector in a wide variety of applications.
CRT / LCD repairs and replacements are services offered by Monitech Display Technology including the retrofit program in which old CRTs can be outfitted with a brand new LCD flat panel utilizing the CRT’s chassis.

Monitech’s Mission “Giving you the best image you’ll ever have”

Monitech Monitor Repair is faithfully dedicated to repairing all varieties of CRT monitors and LCD flat panel displays with the highest of standards which encompasses a broad group of industries. We will show you the benefits of refurbishing and save you money while doing so.

Our Experience Speaks For Itself

With all these years experience, we are extremely skilled at professionally diagnosing, repairing and re-engineering faulty electronics and we can fix your equipment right – the first time!